My first camera was a blue plastic fisher-price 110 made by Kodak in 1984. I was five years old and I still have it.  Now a reformed punk rocker, I once hit the streets in my youth with my vintage film camera capturing all the darkness and entropy I found there, not unlike the dingy darkrooms I used for developing.
Today I find myself caught between worlds with a new digital Olympus O-MD EM-1 Mark II, an Olympus Pen-F and a plethora of vintage cameras including a c 1950 Ciro-Flex dual reflex medium format and a c 1960 Polaroid 100 Land Camera on loan from my grandmother.
Many photographers focus on one style or one thing. I have learned that everything is worth photographing. The color, light, shadows, people, places, beauty, creation, entropy, movement and stillness of life move me in a way that no words can describe. I am perpetually in awe of Gods creation and mans destruction, the unbelievable and the mundane. You can't bottle life's energy but you can photograph it.
All fine art available for purchase. Feel free to reach out with questions or request a price quote. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Christin Cordova
Denver, Colorado
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